Wicked Wytch

LOVED.  Love.  Love.  Love.



I loved it.  I had such a great time.  Could not stop laughing. 

“. . .It’s Galinda. . .with a gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

“toss, toss”


Although, I was sitting next to my friend who had read the book (I haven’t yet) and she kept telling me what was different about it, or she would just shout in my ear, “that’s not what happened!”  (It’s payback.  I did it to her when we went to see Twilight.)

And for Elaine – totally kid appropriate.  There are a couple of kissing scenes (they don’t last long and they’re not all grabby and passionate) and there are places where they hint that so-and-so slept together but it’s not explicit in any way.  One of the beginning scenes has two people dancing and then they lie down on a bed for like a second and then she’s pregnant.  I think it’s done tastefully so that all ages can watch it.  

There was a family in front of us where they had filled up almost the entire row and had children ranging from late teens/early twenties all the way to a little boy who was about my daughter’s age.  He was a little bored at times though.  If my daughter were a couple years older I would totally take her.  Right now I think she’d be a little bored like he was and I don’t know if she could sit through the entire play. 

Speaking of the family in front of us.  I thought I had it made when they seated the little boy directly in front of me.  You see, I’m short so I always worry when tall people sit in front of me because I can’t see.  I went with my husband, my best friend, and her mom.  All of them are way taller than I am – as in 5.10 and up.  (I’m 5.2.  It’s pretty easy for people to be way taller than I am)  So while I had plenty of leg room and all three of them had their knees banging uncomfortably into the seats in front of them; the family in front of us had piled jackets on top of the seat so that the little boy would be higher – then I couldn’t see!  I had to crane my neck for the whole night, but totally worth it.  Of course, my husband and friend had no issues with being able to see the stage.  Damn tall people. 


I loved the story.  Elfaba and Glinda were fantastic.  It was interwoven well adding more depth to the Wizard of Oz, and seriously, Glinda was freakin hilarious.


5 responses to “Wicked Wytch

  1. klarobinson215

    So glad you loved it! So many twists to the story that surprised me! Do you have the soundtrack yet? You won’t be able to turn it off! And that’s coming from a huge Metallica fan!

  2. 3continentfamily

    Glad you enjoyed it! I loved the book.

  3. I LOVED the book…and the musical but it was like reading a Grisham book and then watching the movie from that book – and wondering where some of the things from the movie came from. If you like dark books you should read the book 🙂 So glad you loved it and I agree – musical TOTALLY kid approriate, book totally NOT kid approrpiate (sorry it is late my spelling probably is crap!)

  4. Loved the show – hated the book. (I read the book first) I’d be interested to hear what you think of the book after seeing the show. I’m thinking about re-reading it now since I loved the show that much!

  5. Thanks for the review! I haven’t read the book, but I skimmed a few pages in the store, and just happened to hit the page where someone is . . . umm . . . up against a wall and . . . umm . . . not alone and . . . well, things were happening, and those things were being described rather . . . umm . . . well. Maybe we will take the kids to see it, though a weekend on our own sounds fun, too . . .

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