Tiny Dancer

No time to blog.  I’m cleaning up for Tet, getting money ready for Tet, need to go buy shoes and food for Tet – there’s a theme somewhere in there.  If you’re at all interested, here’s what I wrote last year about what we do for the New Year:

The Days Before New Year

The Days of New Year

Meanwhile, my lovely little girl is very sick today with a nasty stomach bug.  Here’s a shot of her dancing at her cousin’s house last week, and one of her cousin (who is just the cutest) playing with the phone and earpiece.



If I don’t get a chance to blog before Monday – I hope everyone has a fantastic new year and that your year is full of family, friends, and love.



5 responses to “Tiny Dancer

  1. I love the picture of the cousin! He looks like a little business man.
    Happy Tet! I cleaned my house, though I doubt it was enough to get out all bad luck! No new shoes for momma, though..

  2. 3continentfamily

    Happy New Year to you, too!
    I actually checked out your blog post about Tet while planning our ‘first’ celebration (tomorrow!) Thank you!!

  3. Happy New Year! I LOVED those posts last year!

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