Check Out My Loot

This weekend is the Lunar New Year festival in our city.  Next weekend the next city over will have theirs.  I love it because it’s only two blocks away, and even though Chloe goes to ride the rides – mama goes to shop.


{is it me or do the rides seem scarier than when I was a kid?}


{second time on a ferris wheel.  she has no fear, I tell you.}


{what can I say?  the child loves her some meat on a stick.}


{sheep pendant for my year.}


{I couldn’t resist.  This purple butterfly matched Chloe’s purple butterfly theme in her bedroom perfectly.}

dragon-marionette{I saved the best for last.  How freakin’ cool is this?  It’s a lion marionette!!}

Quick story:  this is what happens when you understand the language but can’t speak it for crap.  I was looking at the lion marionette and really loving it.  Everything in red is said in Chinese.

me:  how much is this?

lady:  $15

me:  . . . um, okay, can I have one? *I held up one finger*

lady:  no, it’s $15.

me: yeah, I know.  I want ONE.

lady:  It’s FIFTEEN!

me:  I know!

lady: *turns to the other lady behind the counter*  Tell her it’s $15!

It took another few exchanges to figure it out between us.  Times like those that I hate not knowing how to speak the language, because really what good does it do me when I can understand but the other person doesn’t understand me.  Besides, I am not that good a bargainer!  One dollar.  *snort*  I suppose I should have said, “I want IT,” rather than one – unfortunately it made sense in my head because I was considering buying two so that my nephew could have one too.  Other than that the lion marionette was totally worth it.


2 responses to “Check Out My Loot

  1. Only $15????? That is too cool. I am also insanely jealous that you have such a cool festival only two blocks away. And I am assuming that you are talking regular blocks, not country blocks, which are about a mile.

  2. That last picture – before I read the story I thought it was a costume and I couldn’t figure out why you would want that costume – sorry a little sleep deprived! I love the pictures though!

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