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Holidays Wipe Me Out

I don’t know about you, but holidays always wipe me out.  There’s all this preparation, and then the big day arrives and it’s fun but it’s also non-stop from morning until late at night.  Here’s a little taste:


{“Baby, did you stomp on the bad stuff?”  *checks under both her shoes*  “I don’t know mommy, I don’t see anything.”}


{my favorite new year’s breakfast}


{chloe praying at the alter}


{our prayers}


{my fortune. translated:  you will have everything you want}

All of my other shots are of Chloe playing with her cousins and I’ll probably put those up on face book in the next couple of days.  I hope everyone had a fantastic new year.

**If you’re wondering, my husband’s fortune:  if you open another door, you will find success.  I’m very happy with his considering we hope to have him start his job hunting in our new city by the end of this year.


Tiny Dancer

No time to blog.  I’m cleaning up for Tet, getting money ready for Tet, need to go buy shoes and food for Tet – there’s a theme somewhere in there.  If you’re at all interested, here’s what I wrote last year about what we do for the New Year:

The Days Before New Year

The Days of New Year

Meanwhile, my lovely little girl is very sick today with a nasty stomach bug.  Here’s a shot of her dancing at her cousin’s house last week, and one of her cousin (who is just the cutest) playing with the phone and earpiece.



If I don’t get a chance to blog before Monday – I hope everyone has a fantastic new year and that your year is full of family, friends, and love.







Is it tomorrow yet?  I’m so excited.  Big party at my house.  My friends and I have work so I’m Tivo’ing everything for that night.  We’ll be munching on Hawaiian food for supper while we watch.  And I have some plans for nifty themed cupcakes that Chloe will help decorate. Okay, so this is the only time I’ve been grateful that my husband just absolutely had to have a big screen tv, but shhh. . .that’ll be our little secret.

Are you doing anything special for tomorrow’s happy day?

Isn’t She Lovely

I haven’t really been posting a bunch of pictures of Chloe lately.  It’s not for lack of trying, I assure you.  It’s just that we seem to be knee-deep in the ick years.  The ick years, where everything out of my mouth starts with “ew” or “ick” or “no, seriously, that’s gross” whenever my daughter has a conversation with me or – god forbid – wants to show me something. 

Of course, what all this means, though, is that all of the pictures I try to take with her in it turns out like this:



I {heart} faces week 1

Kerryanne mentioned this awesome blog called Iheartfaces.  I thought it would be fun and interesting.  Week 1 is Anything Goes.  My entry is a picture of my daughter after a long night of trick-or-treating (which should explain the nose and whiskers).







walk along beside me


This project has been on my to-do list for a long time now.

every wait is completely different

Once a month our adoption agency hosts a support group meeting.   We’ve missed the last three and I’ve been going stir-crazy. At the meeting are both people still waiting, like us, and also adoptive parents.

It was a bigger group last night than we usually have, but that was nice.  I love hearing all the different stories and seeing all the little ones.  It helps.  Everyone’s story has been completely different.  We get to discuss our adoptions and anything on our mind about it, happy or mopey.

Though I tend to immerse myself in discussions about adoption online, reading everything I can about it – my husband doesn’t.  We talk about it, but that’s not the same thing.  This has become his chance to be completely there in that world, discussing issues, finding out about everything, and getting support.

I go for the stories and the connections, so I don’t lose hope.  We were asked about how many contacts we’ve had since we’ve been waiting now for 6 months and I had to admit that we haven’t had any at all (yeah, that’s not such a fun topic for me).  The couple next to us, who had the cutest baby girl, promptly told us about their wait story which included zero contacts for two years until they got the call that eventually led to the adoption of their daughter.

After so many months you would think you’ve heard all the stories, but someone always comes in and throws me for a loop.  We’ve heard about the short waits, the decade long wait, the no contacts until “the one,” the very many contacts throughout the wait, and the ones in between.

And that’s the thing about domestic adoption.  Every story is different and every wait is completely different.  It can be frustrating and exciting, among other feelings at different times.   It also puts the bigger picture into perspective since the day to day wait can be daunting at times.