PPH/Hysterectomy Resources

I get hits often for pph hysterectomy searches. It’s been often enough to make me think about my readers and anything I could possibly offer them besides my personal story. I feel responsible for any pph/hysterectomy sisters that may be searching for answers or for someone who understands. Truth be told, there isn’t a lot out there for those of us who have been through it. And there are even less resources for loved ones looking for answers or someone who understands.

It makes me remember and think back to when I was researching pph/hysterectomy to find a soul, any soul, who understood what I had gone through, why I had gone through it, and how I felt about it. So it is very important that the links I list are a place of support or information for those of us who have been through a pph/hysterectomy.

The resources will be updated as I find more. Before I start this, though, I want to start it right. In my support group we always tell the new women joining the same thing:

I am so glad that you have found us, but I am so sorry that you had to.

Support for pph/hysterectomy

http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/pph-survivors/ – This is a private group, open only to women who have gone through a pph with emergency hysterecomy. If you have gone through a pph with emergency hysterectomy I would strongly suggest joining this group. The women there are amazing and it is a very supportive environment. I don’t know what I would have done without them. It is very important that they only allow women who have gone through this because of the emotional nature of the discussions. Many of us are pouring our hearts out in this group and we know that the other women understand because they have been through the same things.

http://www.hystersisters.com/ – I don’t personally go on hystersisters, so I debated listing them as a resource, but I know that other women have found the support they needed there. I haven’t met many pph/hysterectomy women on there when I went on, but I know that they can potentially be a place of support.

Blogs and Personal Websites

https://craftymommy.wordpress.com/ – My personal blog. My journey of mommyhood, which includes parenting my daughter, adopting from Viet Nam, and the effect pph/hysterectomy has had on my life.

http://pphsurvivor.wordpress.com/ – Beth’s blog about healing after pph/hysterectomy.

Other Resources

http://www.unfpa.org/safemotherhood/ – The United Nations Population Fund site that discusses maternal mortality.

http://www.pphsurvivors.info/ – This site is new. I have faith that it will develop into an important resource for us.


One response to “PPH/Hysterectomy Resources

  1. I had an emergency hysterectomy following the birth of my son 2 months ago. I am looking for women to talk to who have experienced this too. Thanks

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